SFMIX was founded in mid 2006 with a single point of presence (POP) at 365 Main Street in downtown San Francisco. The original scope of the project was to create a building specific IX for all tenants. The legacy building management sponsored rack space & power - while the community provided the rest of the infrastructure (switches, ARIN payments, patch cabling, monitoring server). The IX ran for several years with minimal growth but a strong in-building following.

Beginning in 2013, SFMIX began expanding to additional data center facilities in the cities of San Francisco, Santa Clara, Mountain View, and San Jose in the Bay Area region. SFMIX’s growth is fueled by community contributions of equipment, volunteer time, and a shared passion for a better Internet.


As of June 2015, SFMIX has active infrastructure across 5 locations. Additional POP's are either in a build-out stage or available from "extended" cross-connection links. All of these locations feature 10 or 1Gbps port speed availability. The organization has recently completed adopting bylaws, voting in a board, and building a sustainability model.

SFMIX is proud to be part of an elite group of organizations that operate as a member-owned and operated IX (such as SIX or NWAX).